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Spa Classic 2016

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Spa Classic 2016

Pictures from cars in the paddocks and on the parkinglot can be found on our facebookpagina.

Not even Belgian autumn weather (in the spring!) can keep the 17.000 racefans away from visiting The Spa Classic. On sunday the temperature barely made it to 6°C. The event was somewhat underwhelming as well, noticeably less clubboots and less activity on the track in comparison to last year. The Bonham auction was also missing this year. The British auchtionhouse preferred to be present in Monaco were the preperations for the Monaco Historic Grand Prix. The Monaco historic GP probably als had an impact on the amount of cars registered for the races at Francorchamps.

Next to the usual suspects like the ever present TVR Clubs, there was the european honda NSX club with about 50 cars from the japanese sportscar, now making a comeback. Our personal favorite is the boot from Belgian Ferrari specialist GIPI Motor who presented a  Ferrari Daytona, Ferrari F40 and a Lamborghini Miura. Ferrari’s don’t HAVE to be red, as proven by this Silver Ferrari F50 from a British owner.

Text & pictures: Steven

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