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POG & Aktébo Charity Trackday

by admin

Baptêmes en supercars POG & Aktébo or in English POG & Aktébo Charity Trackday

POG no longer needs an introduction, the youtuber organised a charity event for Aktébo (an organization that benefits sick children). A lot of French soccer players, reality stars and other famous French people were present tot support the cause. Many supercar enthusiasts waited for hours in the rain to partake in the event by buying rounds around the track in the supercars. Paying 80 euro resulted in 3 laps with a Cat A car, 50 euro for a Cat B. Halfway through the day the ticket sales were halted to ensure everyone could redeem their ticket.

Next to the track people could visit a free supercar exhibition. With a Porsche Carrera sporting 1400 HP that made the trip from Paris and a nice Carrera GT , amongst many other cars that can be found in the gallery at the bottom of the page.

Most people who purchased a ticket for Cat A were hoping to end up in the passengerseat of the Lamborghini testpilot: Sarah Bovy in the Pogtador.  She drove the most laps during the day at insane speeds on a wet  motorcycle track. My hat is off to her! The Ferrari F12 TDF from Nicola D’Aniello was very popular as well, for obvious reasons, even Youtube legend Alex Smolik could not resist!

The other supercar owners also pulled their weight for charity by driving for hours and pushing their cars to the limit.

Team POG and my colleague bloggers made it a memorable day.

In short it was a huge succes even if the weather wasn’t great. I’m certain the event will be back even bigger next year!

Text, pictures and video: Jonas

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