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Team POG Meeting at Atomium

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    POG and his team are carscene heroes in the North of France and the Western part of Flanders. He has a massive following on Youtube, Facebook & Instagram. Wherever he arrives, fireworks are guaranteed (literally). This week they announced on social media that they would hold a meeting at the Atomium and that there would be a surprise. The Team met around noon on the border of Belgium and France.

    After some smalltalk the merry band were on their way to Brussels.

    Leaving the highway for a pitstop, all we see are surpised faces. It’s not everyday you see a bunch of flashy supercars in winter. Especially in a small Belgian town. Some people had their wits about them enough to draw their smartphones, that was just a small taste of what would be waiting for us in Brussels.

    Back on route, we had some typical Belgian weather: rain, sun, snow and some more rain. Not ideal conditions to make pictures but we did manage to make some decent shots.

    When we made it to the Atomium with out incidents, one thing was obvious, POG himself and the Pogtador were not there (yet).

    About a half hour later we heard some engines roaring in the distance. Below you can watch our livefeed (Poor quality, but it get’s the general vibe across).

    Even Automoto (the french carshow from TF1) was present to make a small documentary about POG introducing the Lantana Purple Mclaren 675LT MSO Spider also known as MCPOG.

    The first attempt at lining up all the cars was interrupted by the police.

    They weren’t too happy with our livefeed either. Below you can see the them shutting us down (without any legal right).

    The second attempt however, was a succes. The filmcrew from Automoto managed to make some nice final shots of the Team and POGfans. Overall it was a great day for POG: a new supercar to add to the collection and great afternoon with friends to share the experience with.

    On our way back we stopped at a quality restaurant, Alex Molik was with us and saw that is was good.

    Text, Video & Pictures: Jonas

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